The Deck Hand Story


Onboard a ship, any ship, whether it’s an ocean-going liner or a small fishing boat, the Deck Hand or jack-tar is the person who is totally trusted to work hard, to ensure the safety and total comfort of all.

Just like them, your Deck Hand garment will work hard for you, making you feel smart, comfortable and safe in the knowledge that it has been produced with great skill and care by people who care about you and want you to enjoy the voyage with your purchase and come back for more. Using the best natural materials, wool, cotton or linen, your Deck Hand will be with you all the way.


Based in Grimsby, England, UK — Deck Hand Knitwear combines decades of experience in hand-frame knitting with quality materials and beautiful designs. We take care with every garment which leaves our workshop and are proud to supply leading outlets all over the world. Please take the time to view some examples of our knitwear range below.